Kesko to donate Christmas dinner to 800 low-income families with the help of Hope ry

Covid-19 has made the financial situation of many families more difficult this year. This is why Kesko has decided to give its Christmas donation to Hope ry, an organisation with good local networks that knows how to reach the families and children who most need help

Kesko’s Board of Directors will donate 80,000 euros towards Christmas dinners for low-income families, with Hope ry’s help.

“This is a significant single donation, which is very much needed, as in many families parents have, for example, lost their jobs and struggle just to make it through regular weeks,” says Eveliina Hostila, Executive Director for Hope ry.

The organisation was able to help nearly 9,000 families last year, including more than 22,000 under-aged children.

This year, Hope has seen a bigger increase in customer numbers than in previous years, even though its offices were closed during the spring apart from food distribution. Some families may need Hope’s help once, some for extended periods.

The organisation is run by volunteers and operates in 20 locations in Finland. The local operators will select the 800 families who need help the most and will receive food gift vouchers from Kesko, enabling them to buy Christmas dinner.

K Group focuses its support on families with children

K Group focuses primarily on supporting nationwide projects in Finland that are connected to the everyday lives of children and young people, promote the quality of living and sustainability, and bring joy to as many people as possible.

“We believe that the best way to reach those in need is to work together with local partners who know their community. Our donation again goes to Hope ry, which is able to reach the families that need help the most,” says Karoliina Partanen, EVP in charge of Communications at Kesko.

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic this spring, Kesko donated 80,000 euros in total to Me-säätiö and Hope ry to be used for food aid, with Hope’s volunteers delivering gift vouchers and bags of food to families.

Christmas is made together

Eveliina Hostila hopes that this Christmas people would think about and help others, much as they did back in the spring: “I encourage everyone to help, it can bring you joy.”

Kesko Corporation may award donations to non-profit organisations out of funds granted by the company's General Meeting. The company's Board of Directors decides on the donation recipients.

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