Kesko adjusts its operations due to the coronavirus epidemic

Lay-off measures are estimated to affect approximately 2,000 Kesko employees in Finland – Kesko has managed to significantly reduce the number with employee transfers between units.

Kesko has initiated adjustment measures-related codetermination negotiations due to a reduction in workloads brought on by the COVID-19 coronavirus. In total, some 2,500 Kesko employees working in business operations and support functions are estimated to be affected by various adjustment measures in upcoming months. Of those, lay-off measures will affect some 2,000 employees. In total, Kesko has some 12,000 employees in Finland. Adjustment measures are also taking place in Kesko’s operations in Sweden, Norway, Poland and the Baltic countries. Kesko employs some 12,000 people outside Finland.

The adjustment measures will be unit-specific. The maximum duration for the lay-offs is 90 days, and some of the lay-offs will be part-time. In addition to lay-offs, adjustment measures include suspension of recruitment processes, part-time work, and employee transfers between units within the company. The latter measure has been successfully employed to significantly reduce the number of lay-offs.

“The coronavirus epidemic is affecting Kesko’s business operations and support functions in different ways. We will be assessing the measures and their duration based on the duration of the epidemic and related restrictions. Under these exceptional circumstances, our main objective is to ensure the safety of our personnel and customers and our business continuity,” says Matti Mettälä, EVP, Human Resources, Corporate Responsibility and Regional Relations.

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