Helping those over 70 years old – K Group opens new services for older people

Exceptional times require agility and rapid reaction. K-food retailers across Finland have created a new way of helping customers aged over 70 – dedicated shopping slots, online shopping for groceries and home delivery services. Moreover, K Group has opened new helpline and phone order services that assist over-70s in shopping for groceries at K-food stores. K Group is also calling on its customers to pitch in, as every one of us can offer shopping help in these exceptional times.

“It’s important to make sure that people aged over 70 and other at-risk groups can find ways of shopping for groceries in these extraordinary times. K-retailers and their personnel across Finland have risen to this challenge and are helping over-70s and other at-risk groups in many ways to do their shopping in the current circumstances. Moreover, we have opened a separate helpline and published a shopping guide for those over 70 years old in our service. Help will be offered for shopping in-store and for ordering groceries to your home. We should all make sure that no one is left to fend for themselves in this situation,” says President and CEO Mikko Helander.

Many K-retailers have responded to customers’ wishes by offering dedicated quiet shopping slots for at-risk groups either before the store opens or during normal opening hours. At the moment nearly 600 K-food stores across Finland offer these shopping slots. In addition, numerous K-food stores have organised various local home delivery services together with local operators. Orders can be placed with these K-food stores on the phone or by email. The K-Ruoka online store also serves older customers on the web and the phone.

“We’ve done a lot, but it’s not enough yet. We are calling on everyone – individuals, local entrepreneurs, sports clubs and organisations – to come together and help those aged over 70. Every one of us can act as a shopping assistant in these times,” says Helander.

Advice on the phone and at for senior citizens

K Group has opened new helpline and phone order services that assist elderly customers in shopping for groceries at K-food stores. The helpline provides assistance to senior citizens in placing grocery orders in the online store by themselves and in shopping in-store. In the phone order service, K Group’s customer service personnel place an order for groceries on behalf of the customer and the order is delivered to the customer’s home. A fee is charged for both services.

Additionally, a comprehensive shopping guide for people aged over 70 and other coronavirus at-risk groups has been published on the website.

“Elderly people and their close relatives have particularly requested us for help in placing online store orders for groceries. The phone order service and helpline as well as our comprehensive digital shopping guide are solutions that address this need and they complement the good action our retailers have already taken,” says Mikko Helander.

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