Dedicated shopping hours at K-food stores for people most at risk

Many K-retailers have responded to customer requests to establish dedicated times during which people to whom coronavirus poses a high risk can do their grocery shopping in a less crowded environment. Some stores do this within regular opening hours, some have specifically extend opening hours, often opening the store earlier than usual. Each retailer decides individually how the matter is dealt with at their store, as the possibility to offer dedicated shopping times varies from store to store.

Click here for a list of K-food stores that offer dedicated shopping hours for people most at risk*.

We are continuously updating the list, but please check the exact times on the each store’s Facebook page or by contacting the store. Some of the stores ask customers to be in touch with them beforehand.

The stores follow instructions issued by authorities, and will adjust their operations accordingly where necessary.

* People at a high risk include those over 70 and people with underlying health issues such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease (e.g. asthma) and people with weakened immune system.

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