K Group and the Finnish 4H Federation collaborate to offer young people summer jobs

K Group has made an agreement with the Finnish 4H Federation to promote the financial, entrepreneurial and work-life skills of 15 and 16 year-olds who are finishing comprehensive school. The objective is to offer summer jobs to as many young people as possible.

The trading sector is a significant employer for young people, and it is important for K Group to reach out at an early stage when people have their first experiences of the job market.

“We have a shared interest with the 4H organisation to ensure that young people are prepared for the working life. We are also both strong local operators even in the smallest municipalities. This project offers us an excellent chance to support young people at the start of their careers,” says Visa Myllyntaus, who is in charge of recruitments at K Group.

The collaboration is part of 4H’s ‘Ysit töihin’ project launched in 14 Finnish municipalities in autumn 2018. The objective is to give a two-week summer job experience to all young people finishing comprehensive school. The model is set to gradually become nationwide after a pilot phase.

“We at 4H are very happy about this collaboration. K Group stores are widely known for their responsibility – this is a great way to showcase that responsibility in practice,” says Tomi Alakoski, CEO of the Finnish 4H Federation.

The summer after the end of comprehensive school is a significant turning point for young people. Positive experiences related to getting a job and being good at it may have a strong impact on a young person’s future.

The new collaboration model strives to tangibly promote employment among young people. Local 4H associations together with K-retailers teach the rules of working life to young people. Meanwhile, K-retailers get the opportunity to get to know the local 15 and 16 year-olds. Those who want can apply for summer jobs at K Group stores.

As in previous years, K-retailers and Kesko have hired some 5,000 summer employees. K Group is one of Finland’s biggest providers of summer jobs.

Further information:

Tomi Alakoski, Finnish 4H Federation, tel. +358 40 501 5307, tomi.alakoski@4h.fi

Visa Myllyntaus, K Group, tel. +358 50 344 1136, visa.myllyntaus@kesko.fi

K Group is Finland’s biggest trading sector operator in the grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade. K Group has some 1,800 stores in eight countries, and it employs approximately 41,000 people. Corporate responsibility is a strategic choice for K Group and it is integrated into our day-to-day activities. Responsible purchasing, product safety, the environment and good corporate governance are key focus areas in our corporate responsibility work.

The Finnish 4H organisation is a nationwide youth organisation with about 50,000 members. Local activities for children and young people are organised by over 200 4H associations around Finland. The basic values of the Finnish 4H organisation are the 4 Hs: Head, Hands, Heart and Health. More at www.4h.fi

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