K-Citymarket Pori Mikkola introduces dedicated shelf for gluten-free pick ‘n mix sweets

K-Citymarket Pori Mikkola is the first store to sell gluten-free pick ’n mix sweets under the new K-irtomakeiset concept. The sweets have a dedicated shelf-end near other gluten-free products.

K-Citymarket Pori Mikkola’s retailers Kalle Wahlroos and Teija Färm are happy with the new product category, which serves customers with celiac disease or otherwise avoiding gluten. The products are located separate from other loose sweets to minimise the risk of contamination via scoops. The store has aimed to serve customers adhering to special diets on a wider scale.

“The many wishes expressed by our customers with celiac disease made us want to do this, and the concept has already received lots of positive attention,” says Kalle Wahlroos.

“K-irtomakeiset is a new confectionary concept for K Group, aimed at meeting the needs of modern customers. Gluten-free is definitely a trend, and we wanted to address it right from the start. K-retailers have been very interested in the concept, so expect to see gluten-free pick ‘n mix sweets in many K-food stores across the country soon,” says Aki Erkkilä, K Group’s Purchasing and Sales Director for Processed foods.

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