It all began with coffee – Fairtrade selections have expanded to include raw chocolate, tofu and super premium ice cream

Fairtrade products have been in K Group’s selections since 1999. Today, Fairtrade selections include more than 200 items. Of the 20 biggest sellers, 11 are Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours made from Fairtrade ingredients.

The first Fairtrade product sold in Finland was K Group’s own Pirkka brand Fairtrade coffee in 1999. Today, customers at K-stores can choose from a range of more than 200 Fairtrade products. In addition to perennial favourites such as flowers, bananas and coffee, the selections also include newer trendier products.

“Jalotofu’s tofu and Ben & Jerry’s super premium ice creams are now among the 20 best-selling Fairtrade products, and our extensive Fairtrade selections also include raw chocolate, spelt biscuits and poinsettias around Christmas time,” says Timo Jäske, Sustainability Manager for K Group’s grocery trade division.

Ice cream has taken over the list of top sellers

f the 20 best-selling Fairtrade products in K-food stores, 11 are ice creams by Ben & Jerry’s. The company uses five Fairtrade certified ingredients: sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee and bananas.

According to K Group’s sales data, Fairtrade ice cream is particularly popular among single person households, young couples, and families with children. The sales of Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade ice creams have grown across Finland over the past 12 months, and Fairtrade ice creams are particularly popular in Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Ostrobothnia and the Åland islands.

Additional income for farmers’ development projects

Fairtrade labels act as proof of the origin for the products. The farmers are paid at least a guaranteed price plus a Fairtrade premium on top of that. Farming communities decide for themselves how they use their Fairtrade premiums.

In between 2009 and 2018, Fairtrade products sold in K-food stores accumulated Fairtrade Premiums of over 4 million euros for social development projects. Local communities have used the premiums to e.g. refurbish and extend schools and day care centres and purchase kitchen appliances such as stoves.

Figures based on K Group’s sales data for 10/2018 - 09/2019.

Fairtrade Week is celebrated every year to remind people in Finland of Fairtrade products and the impact our purchase choices can have.

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