Finland’s fastest IONITY electric car charging stations now open in Lahti and Hämeenlinna

IONITY and K Group have today, Friday 22 November, opened high-power charging (HPC) stations for electric cars at Neste K Karisto in Lahti and K-Citymarket Tiiriö in Hämeenlinna to serve drivers on Highway 3 and Highway 4. The stations offer the fastest charging in Finland, with up to seven times the charging capacity of current fast charging points. The first of the three IONITY HPC stations in Finland opened in Paimio on 31 October.

IONITY’s high-power charging points offer a charging capacity of 350 kW, while current fast charging points offer a capacity of 50 kW. An electric car can travel as much as 300 kilometres on a single full-power 15-minute charge depending on the size of the battery.

“IONITY charging stations provide a solution to a crucial need in the Finnish public charging network by offering the fastest possible charging on roads where people tend to drive for long distances. Thus they brilliantly complement the nationwide K Charge network of charging stations at K-store locations,” says Heikki Ahdekivi, Vice President in charge of new business development and the charging network in K Group’s car trade division.

The stations, which are the most efficient on the market, provide high-power charging points for two electric vehicles at a time, and the number can be raised up to six as demand grows. IONITY’S HPC stations use the European charging standard CCS (Combined Charging System), with cross-brand electric car compatibility.

At the moment the price is €8 / charge with the IONITY application and the K Charge service. With other charging services, each service provider sets the price based on IONITY’s price. Payment is possible with the IONITY app, K Charge service, Audi e-tron service, Porsche charging service, and other charging services that support roaming.

“IONITY now serves electric vehicle drivers also in Finland, with the three fastest charging stations in the country. We are thrilled that our network in Northern Europe is expanding. For electric vehicles to become more common, it is essential that the public charging network evolves and expands, and IONITY is working towards this across Europe. Together with K Group we can offer Finnish EV drivers high-power charging stations that meet their driving needs,” says Jan Haugen Ihle, Head of Northern Europe at IONITY.

IONITY is responsible for building, maintaining and operating the HPC stations, while K Group offers excellent locations for them at K-store sites. All IONITY stations in Finland are part of IONITY’s European network and complement K Group’s own nationwide K Charge network.

IONITY is a joint venture by the Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG, BMW, Daimler and Ford, and is building an extensive network of powerful and easy-to-use charging stations along major routes across Europe. IONITY aims to have a network of 400 high power charging stations by 2020. Currently, the network comprises 167 charging stations.

K Charge is K Group’s nationwide charging network for electric cars. By the end of this year, the network will comprise nearly 400 charging points at over 70 K Group store locations. K Charge stations offer both basic and fast charging points, and the cooperation with IONITY adds three high-power charging stations to the network.


Further information:

K Group, Heikki Ahdekivi, Vice President, new business development and charging network,
car trade,, tel. +358 50 523 5868
K Group media desk (Mon-Fri 8-16),, tel. +358 105 350 200
IONITY, Jan Haugen Ihle, Head of Northern Europe,, tel. +47 907 45 215
IONITY, Paul Entwistle, Head of Public Relations,, tel. +49 89 41 41 785 90

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