Kesko combines customer loyalty scheme and share ownership in a unique way in Finland

K-Plussa is the most extensive customer loyalty programme in Finland, with 3.3 million active customers. Kesko is now combining its Plussa programme with private share ownership in a completely new way. With the new Shareholder’s K-Plussa, Finnish loyalty customers with shareholdings in Kesko can access K Group’s ‘Best Customer’ benefits.

”The number of Finnish retail investors owning shares in Kesko has surged in recent years: last year, the figure rose by 27%, and by the end of February 2023, we had a record 87,113 registered Finnish shareholders. We believe these people also want to favour Kesko and K Group stores when they shop. With Shareholder’s K-Plussa, we can make share ownership more visible in everyday life, and encourage people to concentrate their purchases by offering them great benefits in our stores,” says Hanna Jaakkola, Kesko’s Vice President of Investor Relations.

The new Shareholder’s K-Plussa offers benefits to Finnish Plussa loyalty customers whose annual personal purchases from K Group stores total at least 3,000 euros and who also hold at least 100 shares in Kesko. Shareholder’s K-Plussa members and their households receive K Group’s ‘Best Customer’ benefits, including tailored benefits in K Group’s grocery stores. Plussa-members without shareholdings in Kesko can obtain the same benefits if the annual registered purchases of their Plussa household total at least 6,000 euros.

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