Kesko to sell Suvi and Palta boat brands and business operations to new owner

Konekesko sells the Suvi and Palta boat brands and business operations to a company being established. Terho Liukkonen and Tommi Ihalainen, the owners of the company being established, are members of the current management of the Suvi and Palta boat business.

The Suvi and Palta boats are sold through Konekesko Ltd’s recreational machinery trade network in Finland. The boats are exported into Sweden, Norway and Estonia. The boats are made by two contract manufacturers in the Savonlinna region in Eastern Finland – RA-Vene in Silvola and OH-Marin in Enonkoski.

Suvi boats have been manufactured since 1985. Palta boat manufacturing started in 1990. The current range of models in production includes 29 small boat models suitable for use at the summer cottage or for fishing.

”It’s natural that the Suvi and Palta boat brands and business operations transfer to new owners who are known to the dealer network and committed to partnership,” says Kari Rautanen, Sales Director of Konekesko’s recreational machinery trade. ”In late 2016, we announced the sale of the Yamarin boat business to Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.’s subsidiary, Inhan Tehtaat Oy Ab,” says Rautanen,” under the new owners’ direction, the Suvi, Palta and Yamarin boat brands are in good hands.”

”We want to continue the development of both brands and make it more efficient, as well as the long-term cooperation with all dealers,” say Terho Liukkonen and Tommi Ihalainen.

Kesko's strategic objective is to achieve growth in the Finnish grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade.

The persons involved in the sales of the Suvi and Palta boats will become employees of the new company under their existing contracts. The business transfer will take place on 28 February 2017.

Further information:
Sales Director Kari Rautanen, Konekesko Ltd,, tel. +358 40 740 3388
Terho Liukkonen tel. + 358 500 780 747
Tommi Ihalainen tel. +358 440 900 709

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