Own brands

Pirkka and K-Menu hold a central position in the K-food stores’ wide-ranging selection.


Pirkka products combine high quality and affordable prices. The Pirkka range of more than 2,500 products plays an important role in a K-food store’s total selection. Around 80 percent of the products are foodstuffs, for example staple foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, milk products and bread, but also more special products, such as ethnic foods and ingredients. Other Pirkka product groups include, for example, products related to cooking, table setting, home care and hygiene.

The products in the Pirkka range are high quality and lower priced than corresponding branded products. The work done in the background of the products and their price-quality ratio contribute to the success of the Pirkka range.

Around one hundred new products are added to the Pirkka range every year. Currently, it already includes nearly 100 Pirkka Organic products and nearly 40 Pirkka Fairtrade products and the selection is actively developed.

Domestic product is always given priority for the Pirkka range

When products are selected for the Pirkka range, priority is always given to the domestic alternative, provided that it meets the quality and price criteria. Pirkka products are manufactured by around 150 companies throughout Finland. The local content rate of fresh products, such as meat and processed meat, as well as liquid dairy products, like milk and cream products, is very high, even 100 per cent.

All Pirkka products manufactured in Finland have the name and location of the manufacturer indicated on the packaging. Foreign Pirkka products carry the name of the country of origin. Over 400 products in the Pirkka range carry an indication of Finnish origin: nearly 300 bear the Hyvää Suomesta (Produce of Finland) label, some 40 the Seed leaf symbol and some 60 the Key Flag symbol.

Read more about Pirkka products and follow the developments in the Pirkka range at www.k-ruoka.fi/pirkka-tuotteet  

K-Menu – offered at a small price

Low price is the key competitive advantage of the new product range, K-Menu. The K-Menu products are quality everyday items, such as fresh and processed meat, pasta, juices, frozen foods and canned foods. The emphasis is on staple foodstuffs, that is, products where price makes the most difference to consumers. The new K-Menu product range offers price conscious customers the possibility to save money on food expenses.

The packages of the K-Menu range are colourful, and they will stand out on the shelf with a fresh, distinct visual appearance. The range was launched in 2014 and it will be expanded to cover hundreds of products.

The products can be reviewed on the Kotikriitikko consumer website at www.k-ruoka.fi/k-menu.

Own brands’ quality assurance is carried out by Kesko's Product Research Unit

Consumers must be able to rely on the quality and safety of products and their manufacturing processes every day. Therefore, product quality is continuously controlled.

The quality of every Kesko Food branded product, i.e. Pirkka and K-Menu, is assured by Kesko's Product Research Unit, which analyses more than 10,000 product samples every year.

Kesko's Grocery trade actively monitors food trends and consumers' wishes, and the selections of own brands are also developed on that basis.

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