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Net sales
€9,071 M

in 2014
Grocery trade 52
Home improvement and speciality goods trade 37
Car and machinery trade 11

We improve our energy efficiency by 2016

0 GWh =

Annual energy

consumption of 0

one-family houses

K-Group employs 0 people


0 K-stores

0 Kesko


Let’s do good. Together.

Kesko provides trading sector services in eight countries. For Kesko and K-stores, responsibility is part of our everyday work that helps customers make good choices.


Welcome to the store

The K-Group consists of around 2,000 stores, of which more than half are run by a local K-retailer entrepreneur. We want to exceed our customers' expectations every time they visit our stores.


Strong market position in Finland and other countries

Kesko's strengths also include a good dividend-paying capacity and a strong financial position. Our objective is a profitable growth rate exeeding that of the market in all product lines.

Share development


Silent period
1-21 October 2015

Year 2015 9-month interim report
22 October 2015



Develop yourself with us

All of us in the K-Group share enthusiasm for commerce and retailing, which is reflected in the positive attitude of getting things done, taking responsibility and the opportunity to influence how work is done. We have a wide range of job options available. Come and develop yourself with us!

Open: 29 vacancies