Kesko receives goods from around the world every day, and the distribution of these goods to the stores requires transportation. Keslog, the supplier of Kesko’s logistics services, drove a total of 38.6 million kilometres in 2012. This means that we transported goods 2.5 times around the world every day.



Kesko's logistics company Keslog aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions from transportation by 10% by 2020.

Since the autumn of 2012, Keslog has provided training in economical driving style for the contract transport companies and their drivers with the aim of cutting emissions. Nearly all of Keslog's more than 500 contract drivers will be trained in the economical driving style in the course of one year. At the same time, terminals will be installed in vehicles to monitor the driving styles of individual drivers.

Keslog was the first in Finland to use a two-tier trailer for distribution to retail stores in the autumn of 2011. This innovative trailer cuts carbon dioxide emissions by one third, when one trailer carries more than double a normal load. Keslog had seven two-tier trailers in use in 2012.