Lead/Senior Data Engineer for K Group

Suomi: Helsinki, ASIANTUNTIJA / Julkaistu 7.2.2019
Haku päättyy 3.3.2019

Have you ever wondered what the future of retail will look like? Wouldn't it be neat to build data pipelines that enable us to use data to help consumers find the right product for them at the right time and place? Join our development team and change the way people do shopping.

People in K Group are working hard on utilizing our impressive data to create the best customer experience in retail. We are building a centralized artificial intelligent solution, K AI, to help and inspire our customers in their day-to-day needs. To do that, we naturally do need data. Luckily amount of data is something that K Group is very good at. This is great, since we really like using large data sets to fit our machine learning models. The unfortunate thing is that not all data we want to use are neatly organized in an easily accessible place. This is why we need your help!

Right now, we have data in many different places. Some data are nicely organized in our enterprise data warehouse, but accessible only inside our internal network, some data are in SAP, some in GCP, some in AWS S3... You get the picture! Your job is to develop data pipelines that bring the data to our AI algorithms. And as crappy data means crappy results, it's also important to build a solid monitoring of data pipeline, that takes in account both success of data flow and quality of the data.

K Group has a long history in applying advanced statistical models to data, but this kind of fully automized, production-grade machine learning fit and delivered in a cloud environment is a new thing for us. This means that you will set the direction for our future data pipeline processes. We are in no place to tell you what tools you should use, this is where we trust in your expertise. Even though this is a new role in Kesko, you won't be left alone: your colleagues in the K AI development team will be working with you in implementing the data pipelines. And in exchange, we would love you to participate in our daily development work, which is done mainly in Python.

The AI solution we are building is a company-wide solution, which means that we serve all divisions of K Group: Grocery trade, Building and Technical trade and Car trade. This is why we do the development as part of Analytics and Customer Data team of K Digital unit. Our strategic objectives are to strengthen the customer experience, boost data driven decision making and build the best digital services in the sector. Right now our team room is located in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki, but in the summer of 2019 we will move into our new and shiny headquarters, K Campus, in Kalasatama.

Let’s make a good deal – join K Group.

Send your application with a salary request and CV via the attached link by 3.3.2019. If you have any questions, Niilo Latva-Pukkila, Product Owner of K AI, is happy to talk with you. You can reach Niilo by phone (+358 46 8102109) or email (niilo.latva-pukkila@kesko.fi). Since we highly appreciate work-life balance, the best time to call Niilo is between 9 am and 4 pm.


At K Group, you can build a career alongside 42,000 European trading sector experts. We operate in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade, and the car trade. Independent K-retailer entrepreneurs are the heart of our operation, and inspire the mission of the whole K Group to offer good food, make everyday life easier and make the world a better place. Through strong collaboration throughout the organization, we are able to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations in stores, online and as a B2B partner.
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