Project Master Program
Project Master program is a collection of K-Way’s training modules designed to support project managers in different stages of project work. You have the right to apply for a K-Project Management –certificate when all modules are completed.

You can build up your own training schedule by choosing the modules that best suit your calendar. You can study the modules in any order, but we recommend that you complete the eLearning, and participate in the training "Project methodology" before the training Project management Advanced, if possible.

eLearning Project management basics
Project methodology, 3 hours
Project management Advanced, 2 days
How to lead successfully in a complex organization, 1 day + 2 lync modules
Facilitation skills 1 day + 2 hours
Change management in projects, 2 days

It is also possible to attend to just one or only some modules, but to achieve the K-Project Management –certificate, all modules are required. You can apply the certificate at when you have completed all modules.

The K-Project Management –certificated form the K-Group PM network forum with its Project management related yearly get-togethers.

Check the more detailed descriptions for the modules on each module's own page, where you can also register to the module. 

Project managers

7 training days, an eLearning and 2 Lync-meetings (1½ - 3 hours).

You can set up your own schedule for the modules. We recommend a timeline between 3 – 9 months.

Further information

Kesko HR, Johanna Pessa,, tel. +358 1053 20207

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