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We want to invest in our people's skills, because the K-Group is renewed together with its competent employees. We offer both Kesko and retail store people training for all needs!

Core competence development areas include management culture and supervisory work – in which area we focus on change management, leadership and decision-making ability – as well as sales and service competence, product line specific competitive advantage projects, and e-commerce and services. Discussions with employees on competence development needs are held on a regular basis. Kesko's HR Services and supervisors provide support for assessing suitable trainings to meet the needs.


We want to promote high-quality induction and provide our new employees with a comprehensive picture of their new workplace. For this purpose, we built Our Induction Path to be part of every new employee's K-journey.







On this video, the K-group employees share how People Principles come to life in their daily work. The K-group is a great place to work and where things get done. The K-group provides opportunities for professional and personal growth and allows everyone to do their best, for shopping to be fun. The People Principles are based on the K-group's value, customer and quality – in everything we do.

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