Work trial led to a brighter future

Given the opportunity, a spark can turn into a flame. K-Supermarket HerkkuDuo’s retailer Kari Salmipuro took time to listen and opened the path for Marko Torkkeli back towards employment. See a video of Marko’s story below.

When Marko Torkkeli, who had been unemployed for several years, applied for a work trial position in K-Supermarket HerkkuDuo in Tampere, the retailer, Kari Salmipuro, saw potential straightaway.

“I quickly saw a spark, a motivation in Marko that simply needed an opportunity to turn into a flame. I knew he really wanted a job,” says Kari.

Marko soon impressed Kari and turned out to be an efficient and reliable worker. The work trial led to fixed-term employment with pay subsidy, with the objective of a permanent position.

Marko, who had previously worked for years at a service station as well as in other jobs, enjoys the fact that his days are now structured and he has something to do.

“I was unemployed for several years, so this is great. Now I don’t have sit around twiddling my thumbs, I have work five days a week. Positive feedback has felt good,” says Marko.

Kari Salmipuro thinks retailers should bear social responsibility for helping people move forward:

“It also makes my work more meaningful and rewarding. There are many gems like Marko out there – good people who should not stay unemployed.”

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