New companies join K Group’s 'Thank the Producer' operating model: nearly 1.5 million euros extra gathered so far for Finnish food producers

At the start of February, five Finnish companies – Berner, Helsingin Mylly, Jalostaja, Snellman and Vaasan – joined K Group’s 'Thank the Producer' operating model, which promotes Finnish food and Finnish food producers. The model has already resulted in an additional support sum of nearly 1.5 million euros, paid to the food producers.

“K Group prides itself on its Finnish selections and we support Finnish food production with many tangible means. One of these is the 'Thank the Producer' operating model, which we hope will increase appreciation for Finnish food and food producers. Key to this is collaboration, which is why we are thrilled to have new companies and their branded products join the operating model,” says Ari Akseli, President of K Group’s grocery trade division.

From February onwards, 14 selected products by Berner, Helsingin Mylly, Jalostaja, Snellman and Vaasan are included in the operating model, thus bringing the number of 'Thank the Producer' products up to 65.

650,000 euros extra paid to producers in 2018

Under the operating model, K Group paid an additional of 650,000 euros to Finnish food producers in 2018. The money was paid to the producers of the main ingredients of 'Thank the Producer' products through the product suppliers.

“We expanded the number of products twice in autumn 2018 from ten to over fifty, and that clearly boosted the support: in recent months, the monthly bonus sum has amounted to as much as 100,000 euros. We must thank both the companies involved as well as our active customers for this. By combining our forces, we can do more,” says Akseli.

All in all, the amount of additional support to food producers has totalled almost 1.5 million euros since the operating model was first introduced in autumn 2015.

“Studies show that Finnish food is important for Finnish people. After the exceptionally hot summer last year, we cannot take Finnish food production for granted. We must work together to get through hard times and find solutions that ensure the future of Finnish food production. K Group is strongly committed to this work,” says Akseli.

What is 'Thank the Producer'?

K Group’s 'Thank the Producer' operating model gives consumers the chance to make value-based choices and buy Finnish products, while we also contribute our share. Consumers may pay a slightly higher price for the products, thus enabling K Group to pay additional support to the food producers. K Group pays the extra sum to the food producers via suppliers.

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