Making sustainable choices easy: K-Rauta commits to increasing the share of sustainably produced timber

Are you dreaming of a summer terrace, yard construction project or a new pier? K-Rauta offers an extensive selection of timber for various types of construction projects. An increasing share of K-Rauta’s timber selection is responsibly produced and comes from sustainably managed forests.

For the fifth year in a row, Kesko ranks as the most sustainable trading sector company in the world on the Global 100 list. As part of K Group, K-Rauta is also committed to sustainability. This means our building and home improvement stores promote sustainable production methods and environmentally-friendly materials. One example of our sustainability efforts is PEFC certification for timber. A PEFC certificate indicates that a product has been produced using wood from sustainably managed certified forests.

“As the most sustainable trading sector company in the world, K Group wants to enable a sustainable lifestyle for its customers. K-Rauta is the market leader in Finnish building and home improvement trade, and thus also a significant seller of Finnish wood: over 95% of the wood we sell is Finnish. We also take part in the international certification system PEFC. We use PEFC labelling to indicate to our customers that products have been made from sustainably produced wood. This enables our customers to make responsible everyday choices,” says Olli Pere, Chain Director for K-Rauta.

K-Rauta stores offer, for example, PEFC-certified construction timber, panels and terrace boards.

“We at K-Rauta are committed to increasing the number of PEFC-certified products in our selections. We want to set an example and encourage others in the field to increase the share of sustainably produced wood in their selections,” says Pere.

PEFC-certificates in K-Rauta’s selections cover spruce and pine timber and wood products manufactured from those.

There are currently over 1,000 PEFC-certified spruce and pine timber products in K-Rauta’s selections. The selections also include other wood-based yard and garden products with a PEFC certificate.

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K-Rauta is part of K Group, which actively promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals. K Group has, for example, issued a timber and paper policy in June 2017, which states that by year 2025 only sustainable origin timber and paper products are to be found in Kesko’s product selections. 

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international forest management certification system that promotes sustainable forestry globally. A PEFC certification for the origin of wood entails requirements for forest management and use and for the monitoring of raw wood material and timber in the supply chain. Half of the certified forests in the world are certified according to PEFC requirements. The figure for Finnish commercial forests is some 90%. Source:

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