K Group’s solar power is flowing fast again

The production of K Group’s solar power plants is growing rapidly as the amount of daylight increases, and they will reach maximum production for the first time around mid-May. K Group’s experiences of solar power are so positive that more new solar power plants are being planned.

Solar power is ideal for the trading sector, because electricity consumption at food stores, just like the production of solar power plants, is at its highest on sunny summer days.

“The long and light summer days mean that the annual amount of sunlight in Finland almost equals that of the more southern countries of Germany and Denmark. The utilisation of solar power in Finland is, however, still in its infancy, since the amount of solar power produced in Germany is 300 times higher, and is 15 times higher even in Denmark per capita than in Finland,” says Jukka Anttila, Construction and Maintenance Director at K Group.

The increase in the amount of daylight is accelerating solar power production day by day, and we usually reach annual maximum performance in May.

“On sunny summer days, the energy produced by the stores’ own solar power plants can cover as much as 60% of a food store’s consumption at that time,” Anttila says.

New solar power plants are being planned

K Group is the largest producer and user of solar power in Finland. When the four new solar power plants that are currently under construction are completed during the spring, there will be 32 solar power plants on the rooftops of K Group stores. 

“More solar power stations are also on the drawing board,” says Anttila.

Since 2017, all electricity purchased and used by Kesko has been produced with renewable energy. K Group is currently building a nationwide network of electric car charging points at its store sites. Part of a charging station’s electricity is produced by the solar power plant on the store’s roof.

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