K Group’s new main office building K-Kampus in Helsinki’s Kalasatama will bring together the Group’s divisions

K-Kampus, K Group’s new main office building, will be completed in Helsinki’s Kalasatama during summer 2019. The building will serve as a base for more than 1,800 K Group employees who have previously worked in various locations around the greater Helsinki area. K-Kampus is energy-efficient and will, for example, have carbon neutral waste management.

“A more unified K Group is an important strategic goal for us, and K-Kampus will enable this as well as synergies between the Group’s divisions. K-Kampus will make it easier to collaborate across divisional and organisational boundaries and thus help K Group to become a better company and employer. A shared common office building is also a cost-efficient solution,” says Matti Mettälä, Kesko’s EVP in charge of HR.

With seven floors and 37,000 square metres, K-Kampus will host more than 1,800 employees from K Group’s three divisions – the grocery trade, building and technical trade and car trade.

Smart, adaptable and flexible facilities take into account energy efficiency and special requirements

“From the beginning, K-Kampus has been designed to suit the specific needs of K Group. It gives us modern facilities that can be flexibly adapted to fit the requirements of our jobs, both now and in the future. At the same time, we are introducing new working practices and tools. We want to enable different ways of working, agile and open collaboration, and an excellent modern employee experience. The whole building and all workstations are at everyone’s disposal. Our employees have actively taken part in the planning since the beginning,” notes Mettälä.

Energy-efficiency has been one of the main themes in planning and building K-Kampus. For example, artificial intelligence is utilised in adjusting the building’s heating, lighting and air conditioning. The results are both energy-efficient and user-friendly. K Group is applying for BREEAM and Green Office environmental certificates for the building, and K-Kampus will be the first office building in Finland to have carbon neutral waste management.

In many ways, K-Kampus will be the smartest office building in Finland. It uses artificial intelligence in, for example, the optimisation of working conditions, elevator control and building automation to improve energy efficiency and operational reliability. Smart solutions are also utilised to optimise the use of space and security.

“Our objective is to make work days as pleasant as possible for both our own employees as well as for representatives of our stakeholders who visit the building. K-Kampus also has many features that typical office buildings do not have,” says Mettälä. “We have a product development kitchen as well as a media kitchen for shooting content for both television and social media. We also have a high-end restaurant level demo kitchen equipped with a charcoal grill and an accredited laboratory for product research purposes. Moreover, we have functional showrooms for the building and home improvement trade and car trade. We also pay special attention to employee wellbeing, and have our own occupational healthcare centre and exercise facilities.”

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