K Group brings K-food store customers a new service that shows how Finnish the contents of their shopping baskets are

The new K-Ostokset service shows K Group customers what they are buying from K-food stores and helps them understand the impacts of their purchase decisions. During the first stage, the service gives customers an overview of how much Finnish products they are buying, and offers recommendations on Finnish products to buy. The service will later expand to give customers data on the sustainability of their purchases and on how their purchases contribute to personal wellbeing.

The K-Ostokset service shows an overview of all food and grocery purchases from K-food stores registered on the customer’s K-Plussa loyalty card, including online purchases. The service depicts the share of Finnish products purchased by the customer in comparison with other similar customers, and allows the customer to track changes in their own consumption habits. K-Ostokset calculates a realistic goal for each customer for increasing the amount of Finnish products bought, and utilises artificial intelligence to recommend products that the customer can buy to achieve that goal, based on the customer’s personal purchase history.

“We want to help our customers make choices that are aligned with their values. We hope K-Ostokset will inspire our customers to consciously buy more Finnish products,” says Ari Akseli, President of K Group’s grocery trade division.

The service provides a comprehensive view of the customer’s purchase habits and also shows purchases by category. In addition, K-Ostokset allows customers to anonymously compare their purchases with those of people in their neighbourhood to see if they are buying more or less Finnish products than others in the area. The more a customer uses their K-Plussa card when making purchases at K-food stores, the more accurate the overall picture provided by K-Ostokset.

“With K-Ostokset, we are responding to customer expectations of data-based services that utilise the customer’s own data. In particular, our customers wish to better understand the impacts of their purchases. Offering data on how much domestic products they are buying provides one perspective,” says Minna Vakkilainen, Head of Customer Data at K Group.

A tangible way to increase appreciation for Finnish food

Finns value Finnish food and products, which also form the majority of K-food store selections. K Group is committed to tangible actions to increase appreciation for Finnish food and products, and the first version of K-Ostokset supports this goal. K Group will develop the service further based on customer feedback and expectations, while the data used will continuously improve.

K Group always protects customer privacy and all data provided by the customer. Customers can always choose to prohibit the use of their data.

The K-Ostokset service is available in Finnish to all K-Plussa customers at www.k-ruoka.fi/ostokset.
Depending on customer expectations, it may later be added to the K-Ruoka mobile app.

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