Joint project to solve the plastic problem: Everyday household goods delivered to your door monthly in exchange for household plastic waste for recycling

K Group, Unilever Finland, Metsä Tissue, Encore Ympäristöpalvelut and Orthex are launching an experiment with LOOP Ventures, a circular economy accelerator, to test an entirely new recycling model for household plastic packaging. The purpose of this pilot project, entitled Arkipakkaus (‘Everyday Packaging’), is to create a complete circular economy model for everyday plastic household packaging.

Finns are concerned about the increasing use of plastic and solutions are being sought in many projects. The Arkipakkaus pilot started in April is testing how everyday products, such as toilet paper and laundry detergent, could be delivered to homes and household plastic waste could be picked up for recycling free of charge at the same time.

The goal of the project is to make consumers’ lives easier by automatically delivering basic goods to their homes on a continuous subscription basis. The customer simply makes a one-time purchase of toilet paper or laundry detergent and the goods will then be automatically delivered. Households can then return their plastic packaging waste at the same time and it will then be appropriately recycled.

In the first stage the pilot includes 30 to 40 households, which are testing the model in close collaboration with the companies involved.

“Our vision is that all the plastic will be fully recycled and reused as flowerpots, buckets or storage boxes and such. First we must create an efficient and effective service to purchase everyday products. We believe that by making life easier for consumers we will also be of service to the circular economy,” says Lotta Prinssi from K Group.

Agile development

The households that are taking part in the experiment will provide continuous feedback on the model and how well it suits their lives, and the model will be developed accordingly.

“The Arkipakkaus project is seeking practical solutions for recycling plastic household waste. It is also experimenting with a service that could genuinely and sustainably make consumers’ lives easier. Our chances of success are better when both perspectives are included and both the environment and consumers benefit,” says Johanna Kesti from Metsä Tissue.

“We believe that developing a circular economy model in close co-operation with consumers will provide the best results. The advantage of this approach is that we can agilely modify the model according to the feedback we receive to make it fit Finnish lives in the best possible way,” says Päivi Lampila from Unilever.

The goal of LOOP Ventures is to accelerate companies’ transition to the circular economy, create international demand for circular economy solutions and make Nordic companies leaders in circular economy. LOOP Ventures is a joint venture of Avanto Ventures, Sitra and Nordic Innovation.

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