We examined what Finns really eat: everyday meals revolve around nine dishes

According to K Group’s survey, 64% of Finns say they are very interested in food and nutrition, yet for most people, everyday cooking revolves around the same 9 dishes. Current favourites among Finns are oven-baked salmon, beef and pasta casserole, and meatballs.

“Our survey* on attitudes towards food showed that people are clearly interested in experimenting with new foods, yet end up making the same familiar dishes most of the time. We want to challenge Finns to expand their food horizon,” says Anne Hujala, who heads the K-Supermarket chain.

The survey revealed that almost all Finns are interested in food and nutrition: only one-in-ten say they are not very interested in food. 64% of Finns say they are very interested in food and nutrition, and 60% want to improve not only their cooking skills but also their knowledge and understanding of food.

“Stores play a key role in shaping the Finnish culinary culture. Finland needs high-quality food stores, which is why we are currently in the process of transforming the K-Supermarket chain. Within the next two years, we will have more than 250 high-quality food stores across Finland. We have a passion for food and high- quality ingredients, and will emphasise this even more. The results already speak for themselves: our sales are up, as both the average purchase and customer visits are growing in our revamped stores,” says Hujala.

61% of Finns regularly cook oven-baked salmon

The survey revealed four groups of Finns:

  • For 7%, food is a way to express themselves and their identity.
  • For 26%, food is a central part of their lifestyle.
  • 44% have become more interested in food and want to actively improve their cooking skills and food knowledge.
  • 23% of Finns mainly consider food as a source of energy.

“For a typical Finn, everyday food choices revolve around 9 favourite dishes, with three additional dishes thrown in for variety. People are, however, prepared to try new and even unusual alternatives a few dishes at a time,” says Heidi Jungar, Customer Insight Director for K Group’s grocery trade division.

Oven-baked salmon is the top everyday dish for Finns, with 61% of the respondents naming it as a regular dish in their household.

For variety, Finns most often turn to homemade pizza. In terms of entirely new dishes, Finns are most interested in experimenting with exotic dishes such as butter chicken or Thai ribs.

Top 10 favourite everyday dishes

  • Oven-baked salmon 61%
  • Beef and pasta casserole 59%
  • Meatballs 58%
  • Minced-meat sauce 58%
  • Pizza (homemade) 52%
  • Lasagne 50%
  • Tortillas 50%
  • Fried fish 49%
  • Fish soup 43%
  • Warm sandwiches 42%

Top 10 dishes for variety

  • Pizza (homemade) 16%
  • Hamburgers (homemade) 15%
  • Warm sandwiches 15%
  • Tortillas 12%
  • Pea soup 11%
  • Lasagne 11%
  • Traditional Karelian meat stew 11%
  • Sautéed reindeer/game 11%
  • Meat loaf 10%
  • Pork tenderloin 10%

The percentage indicates the number of Finns who named the dish as part of their everyday repertoire.

*Source: Suomalaisten ruokareviiri ja suhde ruokaan 2018, a K Group survey for K-Plussa customers on attitudes towards food, conducted by Frankly Partners. The sample is representative of the Finnish population, n=1003.

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