Versatile tasks and duties, strong customer focus and leadership opportunities attract professionals to K Group

K Group ranks 18th among the 50 most attractive business employers in Finland, based on an annual survey by Universum. The survey results show that K Group’s strengths meet the expectations of survey participants in terms of the variety of assignments, leadership opportunities, attractive and exciting products and services, and a good reference for future career.

Sense of purpose at work increasingly important

A sense that the work you do is dedicated to a cause or serves a greater good has become the second most important career goal for business professionals. As in previous years, work/life balance is seen as the most important goal. The third top career goal is being sufficiently challenged.

"A sense of purpose at work has now risen to second place among career goals, while in 2013 it ranked 9th. Our strong emphasis on sustainability means we can be confident that we will continue to attract skilled professionals also going forward,” says Raisa Jyrkinen, Talent and Organisational Development Director at K Group.

Compared to other survey companies, K Group’s image as a steady employer and as a workplace where people can advance on their own merits were particularly strong components of employer image. The attractiveness of K Group’s services and products is growing notably in importance.

"We are happy that our strategic choice to use quality and customer orientation to stand out from the competition is also reflected in these survey results. Lately we have seen a good increase in candidate numbers, especially for positions related to digital and customer experience development," notes Jyrkinen.


Hidden work and career opportunities

Of the survey participants who did not rank K Group among the most attractive employers, 30% said they did not know enough about K Group.

"We clearly still have some work to do in making the versatile work and career opportunities K Group has to offer more widely known. However, I am confident that our heavily future-focused development efforts in sustainability and digitalisation will have an increasingly positive impact also on our employer image," says Jyrkinen.

At K Group, you can build a career alongside 42,000 responsible European trading sector professionals in the grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade. The trading sector is rapidly transforming and becoming increasingly digital, and thus it offers endless opportunities to evolve and excel and help shape the customer experience of the future.

The Universum survey interviewed 5,185 Finnish trading sector professionals between February and April 2018 on their views on employers and work. K Group also ranked 39th among the 50 most attractive employers for IT professionals.

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For additional information on the survey, visit Universum’s website.

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