Proceeds from local food event paid directly to producers

Local food is dear to the heart of Timo Laukkanen, the retailer of K-Supermarket Vihti in Southern Finland, and he wants to do his part to ensure that there is a future for Finnish food.

Laukkanen's store hosted a 'Local for you' event in August, with all the proceeds going to the participating local food producers.

"Honestly, I'm very worried about the future of Finnish food production. Finnish food producers are in dire straits. This is only a small step towards ensuring that food production can continue in Finland, but I hope it makes consumers think about the products they choose," says Laukkanen.

Local first, always

K-food stores are significant business partners for many small food producers, as K-retailers have the autonomy to buy products directly from the producer, outside the K Group chain selection. A large portion of K-Supermarket Vihti’s products are local. This is especially apparent in the vegetable section, which offers local potatoes, tomatoes and cucumber, for example. Local salad is available throughout the year. Local products can be found in nearly all categories, with Töllin Mylly’s flour and grain flakes among the most popular. Beehives located just one kilometre from the store produce honey, which the store sells 500 kilograms each year. Every autumn, customers eagerly await for fresh apple juice, the first batch of which was available at August’s 'Local for you' event. The retailer stocks up on the juice, so that it will last until January.

"Local products are always my number-one choice, and Finnish products the second-best option. Only if neither is available do I accept foreign products on my store shelves. We do not, for example, sell any tomatoes grown abroad," says retailer Laukkanen.

Getting to know your local producers

K-Supermarkets have been arranging 'Local for you' events around the country since 2016, in an effort introduce local and small food producers to their customers. The events allow the producers to showcase their products and offer samples. K-Supermarket Vihti is the first store to give all the proceeds from the event to the producers.

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