Pink Ribbon collection at K-food stores exceeds expectations – nearly 450,000 euros donated

K-food stores collected nearly 450,000 euros for the Finnish Cancer Foundation’s 2017 Pink Ribbon (Roosa nauha) campaign. The sum will go towards the development of more effective breast cancer treatments in Finland.

A total of 138,417 ribbons were sold during the 2017 campaign. At the request of our customers, K-Markets took part in the campaign for the first time, and sold the most ribbons. To support the campaign, 14 Pirkka Pink Ribbon products were also launched and sold in all K-food stores during the campaign, from 28 September to 22 October 2017.

The Pink Ribbon collaboration supports K Group’s corporate responsibility goals

K-food stores want to be a part of the everyday lives of Finns, and to promote a good and healthy lifestyle. In 2017, K-food stores wanted to contribute even more to the fight against breast cancer.

“I want to extend my warmest thanks to all K-food store customers who supported the campaign. In 2016, we managed to gather an impressive sum, 262,000 euros. This year, we set the goal at 400,000 euros, and clearly exceeded that sum. We want to take part in advancing valuable Finnish cancer research and to offer our customers an easy way to help,” says Timo Jäske, Sustainability Manager for K Group’s grocery trade division.

“For the campaign, we selected Pirkka products that are popular among our customers, such as the Pirkka baby plum tomatoes, which were introduced as a campaign product the year before. Their comparable sales within the campaign grew, and overall we sold 665,000 boxes of the tomatoes. We also sold nearly 100,000 Pink Ribbon rose bouquets,” says Jäske.

The funds will go towards developing more effective cancer treatments

The Finnish Cancer Foundation gave over two million euros in Pink Ribbon grants to cancer research in 2017. Scientific research forms the foundation for cancer prevention, early detection, diagnostics, good treatment and patient recovery.

”Many thanks to K-food store customers and employees for their significant support for Finnish cancer research. K Group’s share of the collection equals the campaign’s large annual grant, which this year was given to Professor Robert Winqvist and his team, who are studying hereditary breast cancer in Finland,” says Sakari Karjalainen, Secretary General of the Finnish Cancer Foundation. Further information:

Timo Jäske, Sustainability Manager, K Group’s grocery trade division
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