Local Food Date events help bring new products to store shelves

Few dates are as successful as those that involve local food. The Local Food Date events, launched by K Group and Finfood - Finnish Food Information in spring 2014, have already brought together hundreds of K-food retailers and local food producers.

The Local Food Date concept is simple: at the events the K-food retailers and local food producers from the area meet each other. The idea is to network and improve the selection of local food products in the area’s K-food stores. At the same time local food becomes more valued and customers have the opportunity to support local work with their choices.

Majority of stores gained new partnerships at Local Food Dates

“During its five years of operation, the Local Food Date concept has been a real success story, and has established its status as an annual networking event among local food producers and K-food retailers. The events have increased in popularity every year,” says Timo Jäske, Sustainability Manager, K Group’s grocery trade.

In 2018 Local Food Date events were organised in seven localities, which is more than in previous years, and about 170 local food producers and about 400 trading sector representatives participated in the events. About 90% of those who responded to feedback requests said they had gained new partnerships through the Local Food Date events. 

Home-grown food and local food production are growing in importance for customers in the current consumer trend and Finns want to buy Finnish products and local food. According to K Group’s latest Food Trends report, 45% of Finns will favour local food this year. This is an increase of 11% on 2017.

Responsibility for local industries

Finnish food is a matter of honour for K Group. We sell EUR 5 billion of Finnish food each year. About 80% of the products sold at K-food store are of Finnish origin. The Finnish products have a considerable impact on employment. For example, 175 companies around Finland produce Pirkka products. Every year K Group concludes national distribution agreements with about twenty new partners.

For K Group local products are a way of taking responsibility for industries, jobs and culture. For K-food retailers offering local food is a way of serving customers and conducting sustainable business. Increasing the selection of local and Finnish products benefits customers, local food producers and retailers. K-food stores are important trading partners for small producers as local K-retailers can buy products directly from the producers for their store selections.  

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