Kesko’s Annual Report NGO’s choice in sustainability reporting competition

K Group's report was named "NGO's choice" in a sustainability reporting competition organised by FIBS, Finland's leading corporate responsibility network. According to the NGO that made the pick, Baltic Sea Action Group, Kesko's 2017 annual report shows that K Group has a clearly proactive approach to sustainability. The NGO gave special thanks on themes related to the Baltic Sea, such as decreasing eutrophication and avoiding the use of plastics.
Photo from left: Pirjo Nieminen, Sustainability Communications Specialist; Matti Mettälä, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Responsibility and Regional Relations; and Matti Kalervo, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility

"We are thrilled to have been the pick of Sea Action Group, a non-governmental organisation that focuses on the protection of the Baltic Sea. Biodiversity, water and endangered fish are important issues for us," said Matti Mettälä, K Group's EVP in charge of sustainability and HR, when accepting the award at the ceremony held at Pörssitalo in Helsinki.

"As a concrete example of our efforts, I would like mention the K Fishpaths collaboration with WWF Finland, in which we have worked for over a year towards helping endangered migratory fish. This year, we conducted an extensive water risk assessment concerning our avocado purchasing. We have also added to our sustainable fish selection the Pirkka fish patty, which reduces environmental load on the Baltic Sea," Mettälä summed up K Group's work for water systems.

"NGO's choice" selected by Baltic Sea Action Group           

Ten reports out of 43 made it to the final in this year's competition. The competition jury was chaired by Pertti Korhonen, with representatives from Aalto University, FIBS, Finsif, Nasdaq, the Finnish association of auditors Suomen Tilintarkastajat, Association for Environmental Management, and the Ministry of the Environment.

Awards were handed out in two categories: the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and climate change. An award was also given to the overall winner, and honourable mentions to others. Media's choice was picked by the Association of Finnish Economic Correspondents, Investor's choice by the State Pension Fund (VER) and NGO's choice by Baltic Sea Action Group.

Baltic Sea Action Group stated:

"Our choice was Kesko, whose sustainability report makes for an excellent read. The online version of the report skilfully utilises links to more detailed reports and to news on the company's website. This shows that sustainability in Kesko is a continuous evolving process, not a necessary evil dealt with once a year to tick all the boxes in annual reporting. One of our criteria, collaboration with social operators, was well met through projects and campaigns such as "Mating belongs to all".

In summary, Kesko's extensive corporate responsibility work is skilfully depicted in the company's sustainability report. As Kesko's operations touch nearly everyone in Finland, the company's heavy focus on corporate responsibility and related reporting is very important, as it makes sustainability part of the everyday life of citizens."

FIBS’s release in full (in Finnish)

The overall competition winner was Nokia Corporation.

Category winners:
SDG: Nokia Corporation
Climate change: Neste Corporation

In addition, UPM-Kymmene Corporation received an honourable mention in the SDG category.

Readers' choice awards:
Media's choice: Stora Enso Oyj
Investor's choice: Nokia Corporation
NGO's choice: Kesko Corporation

Feedback from stakeholders helps us become even better

Kesko’s 2017 Annual Report describes the progress made in Kesko’s strategy and sustainability work, providing comprehensive performance indicators. The report depicts K Group’s impact on the society and our value creation and contains perspectives from our stakeholders.

"I want to thank everyone in K Group who takes part in putting together our Annual Report for their excellent work. Feedback from stakeholders is very important to us, and helps us make our annual reporting even better," says Matti Mettälä.

Read Kesko's Annual Report 2017

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