K Group opens a new electric car charging station at K-Citymarket Lappeenranta as part of its growing nationwide charging network

Possibilities for electric car charging in Lappeenranta and elsewhere in southeast Finland will improve significantly, as K Group has opened the region’s first new fast charging station in K-Citymarket Lappeenranta on 27 November. Over the course of this autumn, K Group will open the first ten electric car charging stations that will be part of its growing nationwide K Charge network at K-store locations across the country.

The new charging station offers customers two fast charging points and four basic charging points. The station is conveniently located and protected from the elements in the parking hall underneath
K-Citymarket Lappeenranta, right next to the store entrance.

“Electric car charging stations are a service that is firmly focused on the future, but even now there is a demand for it. The network of charging points for electric cars here in the Lappeenranta region is still quite sparse, so our charging station is a welcome addition. As a store, we want to be a leader in offering new services and giving our customers the possibility to try them out. I also believe that charging opportunities for both Finnish customers and shoppers coming from across the nearby Russian border could make a big difference to the choice of shopping destination,” says K-Citymarket Lappeenranta’s retailer Ari Piiroinen.

Most K Group customers want to see more public charging points in the nationwide charging network, and the new K-Citymarket Lappeenranta charging station is part of our response to this.

K Group operates Finland’s most comprehensive retail network – an ideal framework for charging electric cars

The new charging stations to be opened in autumn 2018 are just the first phase of an ambitious project – the nationwide network of K Charge stations, which will consist of nearly 400 electric car-charging points at more than 70 charging stations by the end of 2019. This will be a significant part of the overall Finnish charging network. Charging electric cars at K-stores has been possible in many parts of Finland for some time, but the network that is under construction will make K Group one of Finland’s biggest electric car charger operators.

K Group’s store network is the most comprehensive in Finland and serves almost the entire population every week. This means that charging an electric car while shopping is a highly convenient everyday choice for electric car drivers.

“The share of full electric and hybrid cars in the Finnish fleet is growing and they are becoming increasingly attractive to motorists here. Opening electric car charging points at our store locations across Finland will help our customers to use new forms of transportation regardless of where they live,” says Heikki Ahdekivi, Vice President in charge of new business development and the charging network at K Group’s car trade.

K Charge stations make it possible for customers to charge several different makes of electric cars. The basic charging points allow charging from a type 2 socket, to which the car’s own charging cable is connected. The fast charging points have both CCS Combo and CHAdeMo charging connectors.

The charging stations work with a K Charge tag, which can be ordered at K-Lataus.fi.

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Further information:
Ari Piiroinen, K-retailer, K-Citymarket Lappeenranta, ari.piiroinen@citymarket.fi, tel. +358 50 560 3060
Heikki Ahdekivi, Vice President, new business development and charging network, K Group’s car trade, heikki.ahdekivi@kesko.fi, tel. +358 50 523 5868

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