K-Rauta’s Remonttineuvonta (Renovation Advisory Services) was contacted over 1,400 times in four months – these are the most frequent questions

Remonttineuvonta, which was launched by K-Rauta in September, has proven to be highly popular: questions were submitted both by telephone and electronically at an increasing pace of up to 200 questions a week. The most frequent questions Finns had concerned living rooms and bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

The most frequent topics of the questions received by K-Rauta’s Remonttineuvonta concerned:

• Living rooms and bedrooms 32% (floors, walls, ceilings)
• Bathrooms and sauna 26%
• Kitchens 25%
• Frame and exterior 7%
• Terrace, outdoor buildings and yard 3%
• Other 7%

“Usually the people asking the questions are planning a slightly larger renovation project and need help with planning the implementation method. Very simple questions from beginners are also very common. We are very satisfied that Remonttineuvonta has proven to be necessary and in high demand. We have received all types of questions and we have also been able to give answers to all of them. People have been very satisfied with the responses”, says Mikko Juva from K-Rauta’s Remonttineuvonta.

Many of the questions are associated with the surface treatment and painting of living rooms and bedrooms.

“One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the tiling on the backsplash can be painted if a different colour is desired. Yes, it can be painted, and you should use a paint suitable for tiles. More detailed product-specific instructions and proper tools are available at K-Rauta”, says Juva.

“Another very popular question is what treatment suits sauna benches. We recommend applying wax on the benches. It is the easiest alternative and also probably the best option in terms of use”, Juva adds.

One topic that we receive a lot of questions about concerns hanging items on the wall.

“The very first step is to determine the wall material. It then defines what type of fastener and work method is best suited for the material”, says Juva.

Frequently asked questions and answers available on the K-Rauta.fi website

The most frequently asked questions and answers are published (in Finnish) on the K-Rauta.fi website. Thus you may be able to find the answer to your question directly on our website at: https://www.k-rauta.fi/remontti/remonttineuvonta/usein-kysytyt-kysymykset

“Renovation is surprisingly easy, because you can always contact us for assistance. With the Remonttineuvonta advisory service, we aim to help and encourage those working on renovations and small repairs to get started and succeed. The free-of-charge service launched in September last year helps with all types of questions, no matter how small, associated with renovations. In our survey, we learned that people trusted their abilities with smaller repairs, but especially with larger renovation projects help from professionals was welcomed. We believe that, in the future, people will increasingly want and need professional help with completing renovation projects.  The stores in our K-Rauta chain throughout Finland are there for customers to acquire the products they need for renovation projects and construction”, says Olli Pere, Chain Director, K-Rauta.

In the autumn, K-Rauta carried out a survey on how Finns feel about renovation projects. According to the results, Finns are confident about carrying out renovation projects, but they have a lot of questions and may feel uncertain with larger renovation projects, in particular. Further information on the survey and its results (in Finnish): https://www.k-rauta.fi/remontti/nain-suomi-remontoi

K-Rauta provides the advisory service together with Peruskorjaamisen ja Rakentamisen kehittämiskeskus PRKK. PRKK has nearly 30 years of experience in independent consulting on construction and renovation projects.

Renovation project help line: +358 (0)30 6363 738, weekdays 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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