Cooperation between the Finnish Basketball Association and K Group continues strong - over 42,000 Children have played at our events during the past three years

The Finnish Basketball Association and K Group’s grocery trade division have agreed on a multi-year extension to their collaboration, which focuses on getting children to exercise. Successes include the Pikkusudet (Little Wolves) basketball events and the Pirkka Street Basket tour. These events have seen more than 42,000 children play, exercise and throw hoops.

The cooperation between the Finnish Basketball Association and K Group started in 2015 and will now expand further, as in addition to basketball events for children and young people, the Pirkka brand will also be seen during the Finnish National team’s (a.k.a. Susijengi – Wolf Pack) world championship qualifying campaign.

K-food stores and Pirkka have played a major role in creating opportunities together with the Finnish Basketball Association for children to play and exercise at Pikkusudet events. Pirkka Street Basket events and the Pirkka Pikkusudet basketball events have also been voted “the most fun school day of the year” for several consecutive years by elementary school students around Finland. Due to that success, the street basket tour truck will again drive around Finland this spring and a record-breaking 19 street basketball events will be organised in May.

In addition to street basketball, 64 clubs have worked together to form Pirkka Pikkusudet basketball schools, resulting in over 2,700 school children engaging in regular and structured exercise in a safe environment near their homes.

“From the start, we have wanted to promote the well-being of children, youth and families and encourage young people to exercise. Retailers are also adopting a long-term approach. For instance, Pirkka Street Basket events have been organised in the same retailer localities several times,” says Ritu Karipuu, Product Group and Sales Manager for own brand products.

The aim of the ongoing cooperation is to further refine the Pikkusudet concept and encourage even more children and young people to take up the sport and exercise.

“We are really pleased with how active K Group and Pirkka have been in their cooperation with us. It’s not only financial support, they also provide personnel resources and enable us to do really great things,” says Timo Vertio, Sales Director of the Finnish Basketball Association.

“During our collaboration, interest in basketball has risen to new heights in Finland. The extension of our agreement will provide excellent tools for clubs to continue to develop their activities via the Pirkka Pikkusudet basketball schools and events and hopefully inspire more children to play basketball,” Vertio continues.

Pirkka Street Basket tour events are held at 19 localities in May 2018.


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