K Group's Food Trend Review: Conscious Consumption a Major Trend – Potato Makes a Comeback

Our new Food Trends 2019 report says that next year, the biggest trend affecting Finns' food choices will be conscious consumption. The second biggest trend is everyday wellbeing, with tailored wellbeing coming in third place. As for ingredients and products, in 2019 our shopping baskets will include more pre-cleaned fish, fresh herbs and potatoes, as well as bread from local bakeries and beers by microbreweries.

According to the study, the trend of conscious consumption affects the everyday food choices of up to 55% of Finns.

"Shopping baskets will contain more vegetables and local food next year. Oat milk has already gained a foothold in the past couple of years. Plastic has been a major topic of discussion among consumers this year, which  is clearly seen in the study results, and we can expect the avoidance of plastic products to be emphasised in customer choices," says Heidi Jungar, Customer Insight Director at K Group.

The second biggest food trend in 2019 will be everyday wellbeing, affecting the food purchase choices of almost half of all Finns, or 47%.

"Everyday wellbeing has gone mainstream, it's the new normal. In contrast, tailored wellbeing is a rapidly growing trend. It is based on the idea of a tailored diet designed specifically for your own needs, and it may sometimes allow for less healthy choices, as well. This trend has grown in popularity, and 41% of Finns currently identify its impact on their shopping baskets," Jungar says.

The Finnish shopping basket in 2019

The study also explored what ingredients, products and food services Finns believe they will use more in 2019.

"Fulfilling our customers' wishes is important to us, and it is essential to know what customers will require from us in the future. Our sales of local products have increased by 10% per year and it is great to see that also next year, local products and products by small producers will continue to be strongly represented. Our K-retailers across the country are constantly cooperating with local farmers and producers to make local products easily accessible to consumers," says Harri Hovi, Vice President of Commerce for K Group’s grocery trade.

In ingredients, the new top ten includes fresh herbs, wild mushrooms and potatoes. For products, beers by microbreweries and waste food are considered more interesting than before.

Here are the top 5 ingredients Finns believe they will use more in 2019:

  1. Pre-cleaned and filleted fish from the fish counter
  2. Berries (fresh and frozen)
  3. Fresh herbs (new on the list)
  4. Wild mushrooms (new on the list)
  5. Potato (new on the list)

Here are the top 5 products Finns believe they will use more in 2019:

  1. Bread from local bakeries
  2. Products by small producers
  3. Bread made from Finnish rye
  4. Beers by microbreweries (new on the list)
  5. Waste food (new on the list)

The study results are based on interviews of grocery trade experts and K-food retailers, as well as on a survey carried out in K Group’s K-Kylä customer community consumer panel. 1,069 consumers responded to the survey in October 2018. The sample was weighted to correspond to the Finnish population by age, gender and domicile. The study was carried out by Frankly Partners.

The extensive study was now conducted for the second time, and the report also looks into how food trends have developed since 2017. The study report can be downloaded here.

Further information:

Heidi Jungar, Customer Insight Director, K Group’s grocery trade division, tel. +358 40 535 8524
Harri Hovi, Vice President, Commerce, K Group’s grocery trade division,
tel. +358 50 383 7584 
Minttu Tirkkonen, Communications Manager, K Group,
tel. +358 50 350 4937

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