The K Group's customer community experiment has began

In April, the K Group launched Kylä – a customer community experiment, which tests a new way of doing research with the aid of customer participation. In Kylä (village), customers can influence the development of the K Group's operations and services.

The K Group began an experiment by using the online Kylä customer community and invitations to members to participate in the experiment were sent at the end of April. The aim is to activate customers to participate in the development of a chain of operations or the whole of the K Group's operations in order to make them more diverse than before. In Kylä, customers can, amongst other things, evaluate products and services, participate in guided group discussions, respond to surveys by using a questionnaire, or use their phone to take pictures and keep ‘diaries’.

“Kylä will be the way to realise research in the future as it allows studies to be agile and interactive and can involve customers in different ways. The feeling that you get from Kylä is of a modern and dynamic experience, more playful and fun rather than serious and formal,” says Saara Luode, head of the pilot project from Customer Experience and Quality team of Kesko's grocery trade.

The results of individual surveys will be shared as far as is possible on the Kylä website. Based on the results of the experiment we will decide whether to continue building the Kylä customer community.

Inviting members to the four month pilot project began at the end of April by sending email invitations to customers through the K-Plussa registry.

You can visit the village at (in Finnish).

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