Onninen promotes recycling and reuse of plastics at its Express stores

The K Group is committed to the EU’s objective to reduce consumption of plastic bags to 40 bags per capita by 2025. Plastic bags cause problems when they end up in water bodies and elsewhere in the natural environment. A particular concern in K Group's operating environment is the littering of the Baltic Sea and large lake bodies.

Onninen – part of K Group – is implementing K Group’s plastics policy at Onninen Express stores in Finland.

“Plastic bags can no longer be freely picked up, instead plastic bags are handed out by the salesperson at the service counter or checkout,” says Kimmo Huttunen, Director of the Express unit. “We have also had Onninen Express branded plastic shopping baskets made for the daily use of our loyal customers; the customers can take products to their construction site in the basket. In addition, there are surplus cardboard boxes close to our service point, which our customers can also use to transport products to their worksites,” Huttunen adds.

In June, a large-sized Onninen Express reusable bag will be launched and customers will be encouraged to use it at their worksites instead of disposable plastic bags.

There are 47 Onninen Express stores in Finland, operating as wholesale stores for professionals in the branches of electrics, HEPAC and refrigeration.

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