Kesko’s Annual Report: Modernising K Group is stronger than ever

Kesko’s Annual Report 2016, which has been published today, describes the progress of our strategy and our versatile corporate responsibility work. Besides the 2016 performance indicators, the report contains numerous case stories, stakeholder addresses and videos telling about our work.

Kesko’s Annual Report 2016 includes the strategy report, the GRI report, the financial statements for 2016 and the Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Statement. 

The Annual Report has been published at .

Comprehensive package provides a wide variety of information

For us at K Group, 2016 was a year of strategy implementation and renewal. The most significant events in terms of our growth strategy were the acquisitions of Suomen Lähikauppa and Onninen.
• Read more about our strategic objectives and strategy progress

Our Annual Report contains a number of case stories, stakeholder addresses and videos, that illustrate our strategy and responsibility work.
• You can access all of the case stories from the front page of our Annual Report
• Read the stakeholder addresses
• Watch the videos from the bottom of this page

Our operations are based on stable finances, professional and committed people throughout our value chain, and a strong and consistent K brand. We are a major local operator, and our activities affect all aspects of society. 
• Find out more about how we create value for our stakeholders 

Kesko’s responsibility programme contains both short-term and long-term objectives. The programme has six themes: Good corporate governance, Customers, Society, Working community, Responsible purchasing and sustainable selections, and the Environment.
• Take a look at our updated responsibility programme and the results of our responsibility work

The GRI report integrated in Kesko’s Annual Report has been prepared in compliance with the new GRI standards and covers the key areas of economic, social and environmental responsibility.
• Take a look at the responsibility indicators 

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