K-Market: Committed to responsibility in a new way

This summer, K-Market has committed to responsibility in a new way by ordering more than 22,000 summer shirts – the entire production chain of which has been certified – for its shopworkers.

“In summer 2017 we will go one step beyond in our corporate responsibility. In addition to behaving responsibly with regard to our commercial activities and the range of products we offer, for the first time we have ordered summer shirts – the entire production chain of which has been certified – for our shopworkers. By taking this action we want to visibly communicate our commitment to the well-being of our customers and also our employees. So, when you step into a K-Market, you will know you are making a good choice,” says Jesper Åberg, Director of the K-Market chain.

K-Market ordered 22,000 summer shirts from Neutral©. The shirts are practical and made from soft gray Fairtrade cotton. Even the buttons are made out of surplus Fairtrade cotton instead of plastic. The shirts happily communicate K-Market’s service attitude to customers: we're here for you!

The shirts are certified throughout entire production chain:

- The shirts are made from organic raw materials and made according to environmentally friendly and socially responsible methods.
- The EU Ecolabel guarantees that production has had a low environmental impact.
- The Fairtrade symbol guarantees that the producer is paid better than the market price.
- SA8000 certification ensures that no child labour work or forced labour was used in the manufacture of the shirt and that the health, safety and rights of workers are protected.
- The main source of energy powering production was wind power.
- The Öko-tex standard guarantees the safety of the end-user, ensuring that the clothing does not contain substances harmful to humans.

K-Market's summer jobs in brief:

- K-Market has grown to become Finland's largest local chain of stores. The revamped and renovated K-Markets are now one of the most significant employers of young people; this summer about 1,000 people will be hired as summer workers.
- It's easy to find summer job at your local K-Market.
- We want to make sure that young people quickly get into the swing of their work – so, summer workers are always well trained before they start their jobs.
- The jobs mainly include stacking shelves, store maintenance and serving customers. Especially in smaller stores, the tasks often become more diverse and include more responsibility as the summer progresses and more skills are learnt.

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