Intersport takes part in Red Nose Day again

For the second year in a row, Intersport Finland, the market leader in Finnish sports trade, takes part in the Red Nose Day fund drive for children across the world. Intersport is joined in the effort by Anne Kyllönen and Iivo Niskanen of the Finnish national cross country skiing team.

“We first took part in the campaign last year, and it was a great experience. It felt good to be able to help. Our slogan is ‘Sport to the people’, and we want every child to have the chance to lead a good life and be active. As Intersport is a global company, we want to help children around the world. Red Nose Day is a nice way to show that Intersport cares,” says Arto Rasi, Marketing Manager at Intersport.

Finland's eleventh Red Nose Day (‘Nenäpäivä’) campaign kicked off on 26 October 2017. The campaign vision is a Finland where everyone takes action to make the world a better place for children. The campaign uses entertainment to engage people to raise funds for long-term work in developing countries and promotes global fairness.

“We are happy to have Intersport and famous Finnish cross-country skiers join the cause. Sports have a central role in the campaign this year, with a special Red Nose Day sports show broadcast on national television. Together we can achieve impressive results for the children of the world,” says Riina Lipponen, Executive Director of the Nose Day Foundation.

Intersport will donate at least 10,000 euros from all jackets sold between 6 and 19 November to the campaign. The sum can be used, for example, to vaccinate 25,000 children against polio, tetanus and measles. Red Nose Day will be on prominent display at Intersport stores across Finland, with skiers Anne Kyllönen and Iivo Niskanen as the faces of the campaign.

The national Red Nose Day campaign is organised every year in October-November by the Nose Day Foundation (‘Nenäsäätiö’), established by UNICEF Finland, the Finnish Red Cross and Finn Church Aid together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle in 2004.

Other organisations involved in the foundation’s work are Fida International, Save the Children Finland, Plan International Finland, the International Solidarity Foundation, the Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland (SASK) and the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission. Yle supports Red Nose Day with its programming.

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