A 5% Rebate for Higher Education and University level Students

K Group has begun a new and comprehensive student benefit for Finland. Higher education and university level students will receive 10 times the normal Plussa benefit when shopping at K-foodstores. This means a 5% rebate on groceries bought in the previous month. The rebate will be paid as Plussa money. K Group wants to offer students the opportunity to make high-quality and sustainable consumer choices.

Grocery shopping for college students has just become cheaper in K Group stores. Students who study at universities and universities of applied sciences will receive a 5% rebate on their purchases if their grocery shopping at K-food stores exceeded €75 during the calendar month.

“Student purchasing habits are primarily governed by a need to keep track of their money, which makes it difficult to make sustainable purchasing decisions. Nevertheless, sustainability is especially important to young people. As we are the World's Most Responsible Trading Company, we want students to be able to make high quality and sustainable consumer choices,” says Lauri Peltola, Executive Vice President, marketing, communications, sustainability and corporate relations, Kesko Corporation.

The new student benefit was launched on 13 September, 2017, and is paid as Plussa cash. If, for example, a student has bought €100 euros worth of groceries in September, they will receive €5 of Plussa money on their Plussa account in October. Plussa money can be used in any K Group store.

The K-Plussa student benefit:
• In order to obtain the higher education and university student benefits, a student must have a Student K-Plussa Card.
• A Student K-Plussa Card is free and can be ordered at Plussa.com.
• To apply a student must have a university or university of applied sciences email address and must be under 32 years of age.
• The card gives students 10 times the normal amount of Plussa points, i.e. a 5% rebate on goods purchased during the calendar month if the purchases exceed €75 during it.
• In addition, students will gain benefits from Caara, K-Rauta and Sotka.

For further information:
Outi Nylund, Director, K-Plussa and Data-driven Marketing, tel. +358 40 532 8938, outi.nylund@kesko.fi .

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