Kesko to build Finland’s largest property-specific solar utility on the roof of K-citymarket Tammisto

The peak power of the solar utility to be built on the roof of K-citymarket Tammisto is 503 kWp. The solar utility will generate electricity for the property. Kesko works on a long-term basis to mitigate climate change and wants to promote the production of renewable energy by investing in a solar utility. 

The Paris Climate Agreement calls for action from all to mitigate climate change. Global energy production is moving towards renewable forms of energy and decentralized production.

The mitigation of climate change is one of the main themes in Kesko’s responsibility work. Kesko has already long been identifying opportunities to use renewable energy sources in its store site projects.

Kesko and Solnet Green Energy Oy have agreed to build a smart solar utility on the roof of K-citymarket Tammisto, located in Vantaa. The construction will begin in May and the production of solar electricity will be in full swing by the end of June.

“We reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our operations with energy efficient solutions and by adopting renewable and low carbon forms of energy. We want to promote the production of renewable energy. The solar utility to be built on the roof of K-citymarket Tammisto is a great advance in our environmental work,” says Matti Kalervo, Kesko’s Vice President for Corporate Responsibility.

The solar utility will generate electricity for K-citymarket

The utility of K-citymarket Tammisto will be the largest property-specific solar utility in Finland. The utility’s peak power will be 503 kWp (kilowatt peak). Nearly 1,600 solar panels will be installed on the roof of the property. When the power is highest during sunny summer days, the solar utility will cover around half of the property’s electricity consumption.

“The solar utility to be acquired is a so called smart utility. Its intelligence ensures the best output in all circumstances and the lowest life cycle costs,” says Jukka Anttila, Kesko Food’s Construction and Maintenance Director.


Customers can charge their electric cars with solar power

The customers of K-citymarket Tammisto can monitor the production of solar power in real time on in-store screens.

The charging point for electric cars located at the store side will provide electricity produced by solar power. Cars can be charged by using a contactless K-Plussa card and charging is free for customers.

“Tammisto is one of the liveliest retailing areas in the Greater Helsinki region. By building a solar utility in K-citymarket Tammisto, a store site that is important for us, we want to tell our customers about our responsibility work. By offering electric car owners a chance to charge their cars with solar power during their shopping trips, we also help our customers reduce their impact on the environment,” says Matti Kalervo.

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