K Group as a main partner in the Salvation Army’s revamped Christmas Kettle collections – donate via MobilePay

For the fourth time, the K Group is involved in the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle collection as a main sponsor. The funds that are collected will be used to support low-income families with children and people who are at risk of social marginalisation, for example by giving them gift cards to the K-Group's stores. This year, it is also possible to donate via MobilePay.

The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle collection will be 110 years old in 2016. The opening ceremony for this supercentenarian year was held on 15 December at Helsinki Railway Station – where the largest Christmas Kettle in the world is located until Christmas Eve.

Traditional Christmas Kettle collections will appear on the streets on Friday 16 December. This year the Christmas collections will be organised in cooperation with many K-food stores around Finland and will continue until Christmas Eve.

The K Group is also involved in assembling a ‘Salvation Pack’. This pack includes a range of Pirkka products from shampoo and toothbrush to foods that are easy to store and use. The packs are distributed to those in need.

– The 110-year-old Christmas Kettle collection is a familiar sight on winter streets and an important part of the Finnish Christmas tradition. The participation of the K Group in collecting has also become a natural part of our corporate responsibility work and it makes it easy for customers to give to Christmas Kettle collections when they go shopping at our stores, says Matti Kalervo, Kesko's Vice President, Corporate Responsibility.

The Christmas Kettle collection has been revamped

– The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle collection has become iconic in Finland: a kettle in front of a store is a sure sign of Christmas, says Anne Fredriksson, who is in charge of the Salvation Army’s marketing.

– The Christmas collection is also updated according to the spirit of the age and new ways to make donations are successful, for example, using MobilePay. We want to become even more visible and that’s why we also renewed this year's campaign to mark this supercentenary year of Kettle collections. With partners like the K Group and front-row advertising designers we have been able to realise an especially visible collection for this year, adds Fredriksson.

The Christmas Kettle collection helps those in need in Finland

In particular, poverty affecting families with children is growing alarmingly and – especially at Christmas – the burden of poverty is hard to bear. The Salvation Army can best help people by providing financial assistance, thus firstly we hope for cash donations when collecting. But at collection points in some localities, we also welcome intact and clean clothes and goods that are suitable for families with children. You can find these locations by checking joulupata.fi.

The funds raised by the Christmas Kettle collection are then used to distribute food, clothing and K Group gift vouchers to low income families with children and people at risk of social marginalisation. In addition, the Salvation Army organises family and children’s camps as well as various hobby and club activities.

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