Joy of movement for thousands of schoolchildren in May

Children in 16 locations get to participate in Pirkka Street Basket events in May, thanks to cooperation between the Finnish Basketball Association and Kesko. During the first week, a total of 750 children took part in street basketball events in Heinola and Klaukkala. 

The cooperation between the Finnish Basketball Association and Kesko continues as more Pirkka Street Basket events activate schoolchildren across Finland in May. The tour will cover a total of 16 locations in May, aiming to arrange the best school day of the year and let thousands of primary school students enjoy being active.

K-food stores want to be active in their local communities. This year, in addition to promoting physical activity for children, the tour highlights a healthy diet. Food stores have an important role in enabling a healthy diet.

Pirkka Street Basket 2016 is part of the Little Wolves project by the Finnish Basketball Association and Kesko's grocery trade that aims to promote physical activity for children. The tour is a joint effort by the Finnish Basketball Association, local basketball clubs and K-food retailers. The one-day events are free of charge for schools and participants.

The tour started in Heinola in a lovely sunny weather.

The sun favoured the first tour days in Heinola and Klaukkala

Children, joy of movement and sunshine were prominent in the first Pirkka Street Basket events. As many as 73 teams played in Heinola market square during the day. That makes for some 550 students from first-graders to ninth-graders. In Klaukkala, about 250 children took part.

K-citymarket Klaukkala's retailer Tomi Huuho was involved in organising the event for the first time. The event took part in the K-citymarket's yard, and the retailer offered participants both snacks at the event and bus rides from school to the venue and back.

“I first found out about the street basketball tour in Kouvola last year. I thought we'll have to do it in Klaukkala as well. A street basketball tour is just the kind of activity that fits my own values. This event is just incredible. The atmosphere is fantastic and the children really seem to be enjoying themselves. It's great to see so much energy and joy in the car park of our K-citymarket,” says Huuho, smiling.

In addition to the retailer, the participating schools are also happy with the event.

“I only have good things to say! The schedule and facilities work out well, and even the weather is good. We have four teams from our school playing, that's 20 students. In addition, three classes came here just to cheer the teams,” says Hanna Sainio from Klaukkala school.

Children cheering other players while waiting for their own turn.

Practical cooperation both nationally and locally

The cooperation that started in 2015 has so far already made 12,000 children move all over Finland. In addition to the street basketball tour, the cooperation has included regular Little Wolves basketball classes as well as Little Wolves activity events. The cooperation has been a success and will continue in the future: the Finnish Basketball Association and Kesko have signed a multi-year extension to their cooperation agreement. The results of the cooperation are already beginning to show, with the number of people playing basketball growing, among other things.

The Pirkka Street Basket tour will visit a total of 16 locations across Finland during May. The exact tour schedule can be seen here.

Retailer Tomi Huuho provided tournament snacks in Klaukkala. The snacks were planned in accordance with the tour's message about the importance of a healthy diet.

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