Cello indoor paints now carry the Swan label

Rautakesko’s Cello indoor paints have received the Swan label, and Cello indoor paints were selected as the Swan Label product of February. A Cello outdoor paint carrying the Swan label will be on sale this spring.

Cello is our own brand which now has a revised look. The following high-quality and environmentally friendly indoor paints have been granted the Swan label: Cello Decor, Cello Feel, Cello Loft and Cello Serra. Cello paints are available at K-rauta and Rautia stores.

-Receiving the Swan label is important to us, because we want to use it in communicating the responsibility, environmentally friendly lifecycle and high quality of our own brand products, says Kesko Product Manager Timo Vanninen

According to Vanninen’s experience, customers are increasingly willing to buy responsible, high-quality products. 

-These are important matters, because painting projects are not carried out every year.

Indoor paints carrying the Swan label
• do not contain carcinogenic or toxic substances
• do not contain heavy metals
• have been tested for good coverage, adhesion, water resistance, washability and wear resistance.

Swan label directs toward good choices

The Swan label is the common Nordic environmental label with a purpose of promoting sustainable development. The label is used for directing consumers and other buyers to make environmentally wise choices. The label is also used for encouraging manufacturers and service providers to offer environmentally better alternatives. The Swan label indicates that in environmental terms, the product carrying it is among the best.

The Swan label product of the month is selected every month. Cello indoor paints were the Swan label product of the month in February 2016.


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