Responsible fish choices

Fast and easy shopping trips are important for K-food store customers. We offer help for busy shoppers through clear labelling of responsible products. Environmental and other responsibility labelling of the Pirkka range provide excellent assistance for consumers making decisions. Choosing fish is now easier than ever as the revised fish guide of WWF Finland can be downloaded to a mobile phone.

The fish guide of WWF Finland guides consumers to responsible consumption with traffic lights. In the guide, fish species available for food in Finland are classified on the green, yellow or red list. The species with green rating should be favoured, those with yellow rating should be bought with consideration, while those with red rating should be avoided.

WWF’s fish guide is an adaptable website that acts like an application on a mobile phone. You can add an icon to the startup screen of your mobile phone, which enables you to browse the guide quickly. So you can also use the guide without network connection.   

K-Group’s fish and shellfish statement

In accordance with the K-Group’s fish and shellfish statement, the selections of Kesko Food Ltd, Kespro Ltd and K-food stores do not contain species given a red rating in the WWF fish guide. However, as far as wild salmon is concerned, the EU quotas in line with the national salmon strategy are observed.

Species with a green rating in the fish guide are promoted in the selections. Sustainable fish stocks and MSC certified suppliers are preferred when making selection decisions.

Environmental labelling of fish helps in purchasing

It may be difficult for the consumer to know how food production affects the environment. Environmental labels provide excellent assistance for consumers making purchasing decisions. WWF recommends products with MSC and ASC labelling.

The blue and oval MSC logo (Marine Stewardship Council) tells consumers reliably that the fish in question has been caught sustainably. In comparative studies, MSC has proved the most reliable environmental label for caught fish. Related surveys show that the certificate has a positive impact on fish stocks and the maritime nature.

MSC certified fish in the Pirkka range

The Pirkka range contains more than 20 MSC certified, that is, responsibly produced fish products. MSC certified tuna options include Pirkka chunk tuna in oil, Pirkka chunk tuna in brine and Pirkka tuna steak.


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