Kilos and kilos of delicious fruits

Last year Finns ate around 54 kilos of fruits per person. This is no surprise for K-supermarkets because their annual Fruit & Veg campaigns are a great success. During the campaign running throughout September, K-supermarket Torpparinmäki’s customers bought around 6,500 kilos of fruits – mostly watermelons, green grapes and nectarines.

Consumption of fruits has increased

According to recommendations, at least five handfuls of fruits, vegetables and berries should be eaten every day – and the more coulourful, the better. Fruits, vegetables and berries contain lots of vitamins and minerals as well as other health-promoting nutrients.

According to Balance Sheet for Food Commodities 2014 published by Natural Resources Institute Finland, an average of 54 kilos of fresh fruit per person were consumed, which is about five percent more than the year before. Of this quantity, 13 kilos were citrus fruits and 41 kilos other fruits, of which around two thirds were bananas and apples.

Huge quantities of fruits are bought during the Fruit & Veg campaign

K-supermarkets are better than average food stores with excellent service and extensive selections as their special strengths, especially in the fruit & veg department.

All of the over 200 K-supermarkets in Finland annually run the Fruit & Veg campaign in which they offer different fruits at one euro per kilo, pack, box or bag. During one campaign week in September, K-supermarket Torpparinmäki’s customers bought around 6,500 kilos of fruits, which is nearly three times more than the week before the campaign.

- Campaigns like the Fruit & Veg have a clear impact on sales. Our store is small, which is why we place an emphasis on traditional fruits, which enables us to minimise wastage.  The best-selling fruits at our store are watermelons, green grapes, nectarines and bananas, says retailer Ilari Tikkala of K-supermarket Torpparinmäki.

Sales were brisk during the campaign week; arranging a display of thousands of kilos is no piece of cake.

Watch a video to see what it looked like inside K-supermarket Torpparinmäki then:

Discover exotic fruits

Harvest time and seasons are reflected in the consumption of fruits too and prejudice towards more exotic fruits has decreased.

- Bananas always sell well. But during the autumn season, Finnish apples and persimons are in demand. The end of the year is the high season for pomegranate, which is gaining popularity. Avocado became popular thanks to avocado pasta, and ripe and ready varieties have increased avocado sales even further; the same is true of mango. In the summer, paraguayo, or doughnut peach, and nectarine are popular, says Department Manager Maria Lumperoinen of Kesko Food.

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