We treat one another equally
At Kesko we are committed to treating employees equally and justly in all personnel matters. We assess individuals on their merits and value responsible performance.

Equality, non-discrimination and fairness are key principles in recruitment, compensation, career progress and other personnel matters in Kesko. We assess individuals based on competence, skills and achievements. We value a proactive approach, initiative, team skills and responsible performance.

We take responsibility for our work at Kesko. We are personally in charge of our performance and decisions and for working with efficiency and integrity. We all share responsibility for creating and maintaining a good working atmosphere. A fair and well-functioning workplace is created through mutual trust, respect for individuals, genuine caring, a willingness to help and a straightforward team spirit.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to promote direct, open and constructive dialogue on all matters at work and to encourage staff to raise questions, suggest improvements and bring up any grievances. He or she is responsible for the induction of new employees, intervenes if any practices need corrective action and ensures that everyone is aware of the K Code of Conduct and our shared principles. The supervisor must set an example of responsible actions and must not set goals that could only be achieved by ignoring our shared principles.

Bullying at work, discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behaviour are unacceptable. Joining, or not joining, a trade union or similar organisation is a personal decision. Party politics are kept out of the workplace.


You are recruiting a new employee and have narrowed the choice down to two candidates: both are young, one is male and one female. The young woman has indicated in the interview that she has moved to town with plans of starting a family. Do you allow this to influence your decision?

No. I will base my decision on the candidates' skills and competence.

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