We respect human rights
At Kesko we are committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in all our operations and promoting them in practice. We do not tolerate human rights violations in any form.

We have established procedures and practices that ensure due respect of human rights in all Kesko operations. We listen to our stakeholders' views on human rights and take them into consideration when developing our activities. Our operations impact the human rights of four groups in particular:

• customers
• personnel
• the communities in which we operate
• supply chains

We ensure a safe shopping environment and the product safety of the goods on offer. We pay attention to ethics in marketing. We treat and serve all customers equally without discrimination.

We treat our employees equally and comply with applicable labour laws. We respect the individual's worth, privacy and freedom of religion and conscience. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, threats or insults. We respect freedom of association and employees' right to organise professionally. We actively ensure safe working conditions.

We build a better society together. We create partnerships and participate in the development of local communities.

Kesko requires that its partners respect all internationally recognised human rights. We do not tolerate the use of child labour, any form of forced labour nor other human rights violations in our supply chain.


The supplier of our private label product invokes the competitive situation and trade secret and will not disclose the details of a factory manufacturing a product. Do you accept this? 

No. I insist on getting the details. We need factory details to ensure that an appropriate social responsibility assurance has been conducted at the factory.

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