We process customer information and other personal data in confidence
Customer information and other personal data are strictly confidential. This information can only be gathered on legal grounds and for purposes specified in the law.

At Kesko we comply with best practices in processing and protecting personal data and with local national laws and regulations. Due processing of personal data enables us to maintain customer trust and improve the efficiency of operations.

We plan ahead how personal data are processed. We only collect information which is relevant for the purpose of the data file. We ensure the accuracy of data on file and ensure that their processing does not jeopardise the privacy of individuals on file. We inform the individuals on file of the file's existence and their right to review the data on themselves. The persons processing confidential data may not disclose personal data they have accessed without lawful justification. Public authorities may have a legal right of access.


You are about to send Christmas greetings to friends and relatives, but have lost your address book. No worries; you know that many of them are your employer’s customers, and you can find the addresses you need from the company's loyal customer register. Is this appropriate?

Disclosing customer data unlawfully is prohibited. Local laws and regulations, good practices regarding personal data processing and privacy policy dictate that personal data files kept by Kesko may not be used by employees for private purposes.

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