We do not disclose business secrets
We maintain the secrecy of confidential information entrusted to us at work regarding the company's operations, personnel, customers and business partners, and we will not disclose this information to unauthorised parties.

Confidential information also includes matters pertaining to security arrangements, such as cash processing, data security, alarm systems and emergency instructions.

We use information systems and software in compliance with relevant agreements and access rights. We always ensure that confidential or important information is not lost or passed on to third parties. We handle electronic tools with care. When leaving a desk, we do not leave storage devices or documents containing confidential information in view.

Kesko Corporation, the parent company of Kesko Group, is listed on the main market of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Kesko and all its employees and officers are bound by insider information regulations at all times.


You work at a Kesko purchasing unit. When attending a spring fete of your child's day-care centre one evening, an employee of a competitor in the same town asks you about Kesko's sales in recent weeks. Do you disclose the sales trends?

No. I do not inform a competitor of sales trends. Unpublished business data related to Kesko’s business are confidential and I will not disclose them to third parties.

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