We comply with the law
At Kesko, we consistently comply with the law in all our activities. We also expect all our business partners to comply with the law.

At Kesko, we consistently comply with the law and our operating principles in all our activities. We do not condone any breach of law, and we will never incite or advise anyone to violate applicable laws and regulations. Of particular significance are laws concerning the status of employees, equality, privacy, prevention of bribery and corruption, competition and consumer protection, occupational safety, environmental protection and product safety. As a listed company, Kesko is also bound by securities market regulations as well as by regulations and guidelines for good corporate governance.

We also do not ask our business partners or other third parties to do anything we may not do ourselves under applicable law, Kesko's commitments, policies or principles.

Kesko actively monitors and anticipates societal changes in close cooperation with its stakeholders. We cooperate and engage in open dialogue with non-governmental organisations, public authorities and other decision-makers. 


You work in a specialist role at Kesko, and legislation regarding your particular area of expertise is about to be amended. How do you prepare yourself?

As a specialist it is important you must stay on top of regulatory developments in your area and ensure that our operations always comply with applicable laws and regulations. A good way to make sure you keep up to date is to actively engage in trade associations. This may allow you to influence how the sector and relevant regulations evolve.

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